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If you get too hot and sticky to think or move on those long summer days, and you find yourself tossing and turning on those endless summer nights…

Then you want InstaChill! Your very Own PERSONAL, PORTABLE Air Cooler, that you can use EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT IT!!

InstaChill is the affordable and simple way use to cool down yourself, your family and your home this summer.



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INSTACHILL - Your own personal Air Cooler!


    Works with water.
    Convenient Remote Control
    3 speed setting!
    Cools for cents a day
    Light weight and portable
    Oscillating Fin Design

    Use as Fan or AC


    1 x Remote Control

    20x less power consumption than an air conditioner
    Portable - No installation required
    Warranty: 1 Year

InstaChill Models

  • Air-Hawk_1.30.png

    Small - 07EX

  • Air-Hawk_1.32.png

    Medium - 09EX

  • Air-Hawk_1.8.png

    Large - 15EX (Currently out of stock)

  • Extra Large - 28EX

Stay Cool all Day.... and Night

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    Cool & Refreshing Air

    The InstaChill shoots a steady stream of cool air with oscillating louvers. The remote control allows you to easily change settings..

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    Multi purpose

    The InstaChill uses water to create and evenly distribute cool, refreshing air and can also be used as a fan or humidifier.

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    Energy Saving

    InstaChill is not a traditonal air conditioner and uses much less energy. Cool any room with the same energy needed to light a 100 watt bulb.

How Does it Work?


The secret is the evaporation-technology which cools your indoors and even outdoor spaces. InstaChill pulls in Hot, dry air, which is passed through the inside into a Moisture Pad.


The Pad absorbs all the heat from the air, and the moisture in the pad evaporates, cooling and humidifying the air in the Room or Space you are in by as much as 15 Degrees Celsius! 


WATCH: How To Use


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InstaChill can reduce temperature by 5 - 15%!

InstaChill works best under 50% humidity and operating max is up-to 70%!

InstaChill works really well if filled with cold water!

For optimal fastest cooling it is now recommended to leave a door and/or window ajar to allow fresh air to circulate

Instructional manual includes tips to maximise the performance of your InstaChill!

Revolutionary Evaporative Cooling Technology

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    Save Money

    Stop paying those ridiculously high electricity bills! Stay cool and save money with IInstaChill. 

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    How it works?

    InstaChill works by endothermic reaction. Air passes through the water-infused cooling pads, consuming the heat that was in the air. An air stream is then blown out the front of the unit and is considerably cooler than the current room temperature!

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    Lightweight and economical

    InstaChill easily rolls from room to room for use anywhere in your house or office. Its variable 3-speed settings will adjust to cool just about any room.


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