TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair
TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair
TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair
TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair
TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair
TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair
TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair

TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair

Stress, tension, stiff muscles, headaches, anxiety, fatigue… these symptoms could lead to chronic health conditions as well as dependency on prescription drugs. According to a US report nearly 70% of all doctors visits are related to stress or stress related illnesses. But what if you could get comfort and relief at home, just by sitting down? Introducing the TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair the state of the art massage chair that's designed to put your mind and body in an amazing stress free state of relaxation - so it can properly heal and repair itself all whilst enjoying a luxurious, professional full body massage, right in the privacy of your own home!

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  • Product Benefits

    Enjoy a luxurious, full body, professional massage in the privacy of your own home.


    • Relaxation & stress relief

    • Decreased tension

    • Increased endorphin levels

    • Improved blood circulation
    • Boost in health and well-being

    • Improved sleep
  • Product Features

    • 2D massage hand delivers a massage customised to the users body shape

    • 28 air cushion massagers work together to provide both gentle and deep tissue massage

    • Bluetooth function so you can connect your device and play your favourite music or podcast 

    • Features all new voice activation technology

    • Extendable leg section customises the chair to the users height

    • Advanced optimal sensors measure your body to create an intelligent body map and deliver a custom massage to every user


2D Customised Massage

  • Air-Hawk_1.8.png

    Waist Stretch & Heating

  • Air-Hawk_1.18.png

    Calf Physical Therapy

  • Air-Hawk_1.30.png

    Professional Stretching

  • Air-Hawk_1.30.png

    Thai Foot Guasha Massage


  • Can I try out the TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair at home first?

    Absolutely! The TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair is available on a 30 Day Risk Free Trial. This way you get to try it in the comfort of your own home, before paying the full purchase price.


  • Who is the Massage Chair suitable for?

    The massage chair is suitable for most people except the following:

    • Pregnant ladies, people with Osteoporosis
    • People with pace makers
    • People with broken bones
    • People who have had a recent surgery


  • What are the benefits of the Shiatsu technique?

    In Japanese, Shiatsu means 'finger pressure'. Shiatsu practitioners believe in a purported type of vital energy called qi that flows through the body, and that their manual manipulations can help to unblock it. Shaitsu promotes blood circulation by relieving muscle tension through deep tissue massage and enabling the release of harmful toxins.

  • What is included when I buy a TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair?

    1x Black Massage Chair

    1x Remote

    1x Manual

  • What is the warranty policy on the Massage Chair?

    The TEBO Ultimate Massage Chair comes with a one year standard warranty. 

  • What are the specifications of the Massage Chair?

    Model: A306-2

    Weight: 90kg

    Length: 1350mm

    Width: 760mm

    Height: 1130mm


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