BBQ Grill Bag

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BBQ Grill Bag

The easy mesh grill bag that cooks loose items together...

 Food stays securely inside the bag during cooking
✓ Smoke and air flow through the mesh to impart flavour
 Great for meat, veggies, fish, bacon, wings and more
 Oven-safe up to 260⁰ C
 Easy to flip all your loose items in one go
 Grill food in the bag reduces clean-up afterward
 Reusable and dishwasher-safe


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Easier, Faster BBQ


    The easy mesh grill bag that cooks loose items together

    This clever BBQ Grill Bag is the simple but effective way to grill loose or small items all together at the same time. The heat-resistant mesh construction is oven- and grill-safe up to 260⁰C so you can roast, smoke and grill your favourite vegetables, prawns, meat - whatever you like, and the heat and smoke will pass through the mesh to flavour your food just how you like it. 

    Food stays securely inside the bag during cooking

    Grilling small, individual items of food, like prawns, mushrooms, chopped veg, or even larger things like fish fillets that can fall apart when cooked, can be a nightmare. BBQ Grill Bag is big enough to take care of a whole load of small items at once, and lets you cook them all evenly and easily. Nothing can fall out and burn on your oven bottom, griddle pan or between the charcoals of your BBQ, it’s all safely contained in one place.

    Smoke and air flow through the mesh to impart flavour

    Unlike other cooking bags, BBQ Grill Bag is made of a heat-resistant mesh so the moisture you want to evaporate can escape naturally, and the conventional cooking heat of your grill or oven can get directly to the food inside. Charred veggies, smoked seafood, crispy wedges, it’s all possible in BBQ Grill Bag thanks to that clever mesh that holds your food in one place but doesn’t seal it in an airtight bag that stops the flavour developing and leaves you with soggy, tasteless food.

    Easy to flip all your loose items in one go

    Having so many small items contained in one bag means that flipping over a dozen prawns or a whole bag of mushrooms can be done in a single move! Just grab the bag with a pair of tongs or on a spatula and turn it over as though it were a large steak or a burger - Easy! You’ll save so much time and keep the cooking of each small item identical, without burning some while you fumble about trying to grab the others.


    BBQ Grill Bag

    Materials: PTFE Fibreglass fabric


    Pack: 24 x 0.4 x 33cm

    Unit: 30.8 x 0.3 x 21.8cm


BBQ Grill Bags, The easy mesh grill bag that cooks loose items together.


With an easy-to-use button-fastened flap, you just slide your food in and close it up, now it’s ready to sit in your oven, on your grill or sizzling over hot charcoals, taking in all that flavour as if the food were loose but keeping everything right where you want it. And forget turning over a dozen or more individual food items, when they’re all in one Grill Bag you just grab the bag and turn it over, flipping everything inside it in one go.


And when it’s done, just open the bag, slide out the food and pop it in the dishwasher. There’s no mess and clean-up is a doddle!




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