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Because the light conditions on any given day can fluctuate constantly as you pass from light to shade, indoors and outside, your glasses need to adjust to accommodate those changes. TransOptic sunglasses automatically adjust to the density of the natural, ambient light around you, giving you a constant, clear view in bright sunlight or dark shade. The special lenses are created with transitional lens technology meaning they are auto-adjusting and even have a special anti-glare filter that reduces reflected light and are polarized to block harmful UV rays to give you the best sight in any light.

TransOptics actually change tint automatically with the light intensity. This means that as you shift between shade and bright light the lenses become darker and lighter. When you go from a bright, sunny environment into a patch of shade they maintain the perfect amount of tint automatically.

The harmful effects of UV rays on the skin are well known but they can have a damaging effect on the eyes too, so TransOptics lenses are polarized to offer optimum UV filtration and protection in any conditions.

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