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iTread is the revolutionary infrared activated treadmill, controlled by the motion of your feet! Walk on from the rear of the machine to get started then move to the front of the machine to increase speed, remain central to retain current speed or move to the rear section to slow down and eventually stop.

The slim and streamlined design is aesthetically pleasing and the choice of silver or rose pink colour means that iTread is not only functional but looks amazing as well. The super slim profile also means it stores in almost no space and at 29kg weighs less than a quarter of some traditional treadmills.

iTread has a speed range of 1km to 8km per hour and with the hydraulic handle in position is suitable for all ages and mobility levels including elderly people looking to stay active.

  • Features & Benefits

    Ease of use – Infrared sensor just step on to start, step forward to increase pace and back to decrease pace

    Hydraulic handrail - For extra stability and increased speed. The handle folds down for storage.

    Speed Range  - 1km to 8km per hour

    Wall magnets - Allows vertical storage against a wall

    Sleek style and design – Very slim construction not like old bulky treadmills, modern and innovative

    Safety feature - Emergency stop function, pull back on the handle and the treadmill stops

  • What's included in your iTread purchase?

    1 x iTread Infrared Treadmill

    1 x Remote Control

    1 x User Manual


  • Product Details

    • Product Dimensions: 145 x 67 x 9cm
    • Weight: 29kg
    • Power Source: 3-pin power cord
    • Digital Display: YES
    • Country of Design: USA
  • Product Composition

    • Aluminium | Plastic | Steel | Rubber


Why iTread?


Infrared Treadmill

Not only is the iTread™ revolutionary when it comes to it’s infrared technology, it is also the first treadmill built without welding. It’s twenty-two piece invisible bolt assembly increases frame rigidity, stability, and overall safety.


Wall Magnet Storage

Powerful magnets on the back of iTread™’s foot guards allow for it to be stored along walls as well the other endless possibilities for storage of a unit this small.  

Wall magnet

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