The Problem

Many people suffer from pain in their ankles, shins, knees, hips, and back. From the annoying ache in your legs to the debilitating pain in your back, it could all trace back to your feet because your feet are the foundation of your entire body.

What you might not realize is that the problem almost always starts with the improper alignment of your feet. When your feet are out of alignment, your whole body is out of alignment and that causes pain! Many chronic problems like shin splints, tendonitis, sciatica, sports injuries, stress fractures and others, can cause immobility and put a damper on your everyday quality of life, when they just don’t have to.

The Solution

Fix Your Feet and You’ll Properly Align Your Body to Relieve Pain!

Superthotics was developed by doctors with a patented innovation that instantly corrects your foot and ankle alignment, so the rest of your body can be relieved from pain from your feet up all the way up throughout your entire body.

Superthotics is available WITHOUT a doctor’s visit, but provides the benefits of a doctor-designed custom orthotic, and is the only one on the market like it today.

Superthotics have been shown to relieve painful problems like bunions, stress fractures, hammer toes, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and so much more. And, Superthotics have been shown to be clinically effective at relieving pain like a custom orthotics AND at a fraction of the cost of doctor-prescribed orthotics.

Now you can walk, work, hike, garden, golf, play with your children, enjoy shopping and do it all without the aches, pain and stiffness and poor balance that is robbing you of a good quality of life! Try Superthotics today so you can start moving again, Pain Free!

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