Nutri-Infusion blender food processor
Nutri-Infusion 1200W
Nutri-Infusion 1200W

Nutri-Infusion 1200W

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Do you lack energy in the morning?  You are what you eat!

Feel better; Look better; Feel younger, with more energy and vitality than ever before.

Enjoy a Nutrient rich drink made in seconds and start your day with a NutriInfusion.  With NutriInfusion 1200W you'll eat more vegetables and fruit.  And you'll eat healthy choices you might not normally consume, such as kale and goji berries, packed with antioxidants.or flax and chia seeds, rich in omega 3.

The NutriInfusion 1200W turns ordinary food into Superfood.  A powerful Nutrient Extractor that quickly liquefies fruits and vegetables, extracting the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals while keeping the much needed fibre intact.

With its cutting-edge emulsifying blade and assortment of tumblers and lids, the NutriInfusion 1200W streamlines the process of preparing, serving and enjoying a variety of nutrient-rich foods and drinks, including salsas, ground nuts and seeds.

Enjoy a variety of nutritious Infusions in seconds with NutriInfusion 1200W.

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