Perfect Fit Massage Bed" data-video-width="1280" data-video-height="720">
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed
Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed

Perfect Fit™ Massage Bed

Are you tired of being tired?

The Perfect Fit Massage Bed is a new and innovative sleep experience. The world’s most comfortable luxurious bed combined with a soothing, relaxing massage.

Old fashioned beds offer no adjustability and force you to stack pillows, often making your pain even worse. But the perfect fit adjustable massage bed allows you to customize the position that's perfect for you and your individual needs. So if you're experiencing discomfort in the lower back after working around the house, use the Zero-G function and you can find relief. Had a really spicy meal with red wine and want to avoid heartburn? Just elevate your body and you can avoid a potentially disastrous night with no sleep. And for neck or shoulder soreness, simply adjust the upper and lower body until you find the perfect position and enjoy a great night's sleep and a better next day.

Choose how you want to sleep, read or just relax in style. The only drawback? You need to set more alarms to get up!

Who wouldn't love a bed that has the adjustability that allows you to find your perfect sleeping position or the position that helps with your individual soreness or discomfort? Plus, the ultimate luxurious mattress that cradles and support your entire body from head to toe. And if that's not enough, how about a rejuvenating vibration or massage? Plus, a zero gravity position that delivers the feeling of weightlessness for the ultimate in promoting better sleep, so you wake up feeling better all at the simple touch of a button. It's no wonder people are hooked from the very first time they lie on the bed.

Luxury At Its Finest


    Multi-Layer Comfort System A combination of spray bonded cotton, polyester, gel memory foam and a high tech resilient foam that keeps you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.
    Vibrational Massage Therapy A super relaxing therapeutic massage delivered in a non-invasive manner - supporting your circulation and rejuvenating you from top to toe.
    Individual Comfort Settings Split side king and queen beds allow you to adjust your side of the bed to your preference - ensuring both you and your loved one get the good nights sleep you deserve.
    Zero Gravity Function A weightless position function - you'll feel like you're on cloud nine!
    Easy Touch Remote Control Giving you wireless control of your  bed - allowing you to increase the positions and massage intensity at the touch of a button.
    Restored Energy Improved circulation, breathing and overall well-being plus an increase in blood supply to muscles

    1 x Perfect Fit® Bed Mattress (size specific) 1 x Power Cord
    1 x Motorised Bed Base 1 x Back Up Battery Pack (batteries not included)
    1 x Mattress Cover 1 x End bar
    1 x Remote Control 6 x Bed Legs

    Massage Bed Base Massage Bed Mattress
    Wireless remote control for movement and massage functions Layer 1: 2.5cm of Memory foam with quilted fabric
    Dual motorisation - comes fully assembled Layer 2: 6.4cm Cool Gel Memory Foam
    Heavy duty weight limit Layer 3: 19cm High Resilience Foam Inner with non-slip bottom fabric
    Fabric finish bed sides Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial
    Free of ozone depleting chemicals and heavy metals  


  • What is a risk free trial?

    The Risk Free Trial is a great option for people who want to try the Perfect Fit Massage Bed in the comfort of their own home, before they pay the full purchase price. Call now to find out more.

  • Does the Perfect Fit Massage Bed come with a warranty?

    The Perfect Fit Massage Bed is covered by a 10 Year Product Warranty. 

  • What sizes are available?

    King Single 107 x 203cm

    Queen 152 x 203cm

    Split Queen (2 pieces) 76 x 203cm per side

    Split King (2 pieces) 91 x 203cm per side

  • Are there different mattress densities available?

    Yes, there are two different mattress densities:

    • Medium/soft - Soft yet supportive. The majority of people who try the bed opt for this density.
    • Firm – Firm with some give. This option is suitable for committed users of a firm mattress.

  • What is included when I buy the Adjustable Massage Bed?

    1 x Perfect Fit ® Bed Mattress (size specific)

    1 x Motorized Bed Base

    1 x Mattress Cover 1 x Remote Control

    1 x Power Cord

    1 x Back Up Battery Pack (batteries not included)

    1 x End bar

    6 x Bed Legs

    Please note that for split beds, the above is doubled per bed

  • Why would I want a split bed?

    The split queen and king beds allow each side of the bed to be adjusted independently of the other. This is perfect for couples who have different sleeping styles or schedules

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