Better Health Has Never Been Easier!

Accelerate your workout effectiveness

Personalise your unique at-home workout

The Secret is Clinical Studies Prove Whole Body Vibration Therapy Works!

PowerFit HelpsEase Fatigue Due to Everyday Weariness. 
Improve Energy & Stamina Levels.

Accelerate Recovery Times as Your Muscles Contract Continuously up to 50 Times Per Second.
Find Your Level - The Built-In Computer with 99 Different Speed Levels means there's a Level for You.

Proven Health Benefits

Improves Heart Health

Increased peripheral perfusion, Increased cardiovascular fitness, decreased blood viscosity and reduced arterial stiffness.

Heart Health

Increased cardiovascular fitness, increased peripheral perfusion, reduced arterial stiffness, and decreased blood viscosity

Improves Bone Health

Without high-impact exercise it helps promote bone-building activity. 

Neuromuscular Activation

Muscle recruitment and motor learning increase with rapid, subconscious neuromuscular activation. 

Neuromuscular Activation

Rapid, subconscious neuromuscular activation increases muscle recruitment and motor learning

Power & Strength

Improve functional strength in daily living activities by increasing muscle strength and power and counter sarcopaenia simultaneously.

Balance & Posture

Improving balance and reducing postural sway, in the fascia and joints, proprioception improves with increased sensory stimulation of the mechanoreceptors on the balls of the feet.

Balance & Posture

With increased sensory stimulation of the mechanoreceptors on the balls of the feet, in the fascia and joints, proprioception improves, improving balance and reducing postural sway


Increased metabolism and reduced visceral abdominal fat, with long term benefit

Reduce Obesity

Long term benefits with reduced visceral abdominal fat and increased metabolism.

Proven Results

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

30-Day Hassle-Free, Money Back Guarantee! If you’re not happy with your products for ANY reason, contact us within 30 Days for a full refund less the cost of processing and handling. See return policy for details.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Purchase a PowerFit Compact & Receive A Second PowerFit Compact Free*

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Features and Benefits

  • Perfect For All Ages & Fitness Levels: To customize your own workout
  • In-Built Computer & Remote:  Track your progress and adjust your workout in an instant 
  • Burn Fat Faster: Lose weight and get in shape without strenuous high-impact workouts 
  • Total Body Workout: Tone and strengthen your arms, abs, waist, butt and legs 
  • 99 Different Speed Levels: Simply set to your required program and speed, and go!  
  • Resistance Bands:  To incorporate into your workout for total upper body training
  • Olympic Performance: Athletes utilize the amazing power of Vibration technology to improve their performance
  • Space Age Technology: Vibration technology was developed by Russian astronauts to rebuild muscle and bone strength 

What's in the box?

Powerfit Step Unit 
1x Pair of Resistance Bands 
1x Remote Control 
1x Workout Guide 
1x Instruction Manual 

Product Details

Colour - White & Orange
Power - Mains Power 

Can I Try Out PowerFit At Home First?

Absolutely! - PowerFit is the only Vibration Gym, available on a 30 Day Risk Free Trial, this way you get to try it in the comfort of your own home, before deciding to pay the full purchase price.

What areas of the body does it target?

It works across the entire body - however great weight loss results have been seen in target areas such as the tummy, thighs and butt.

How many speed settings does it have?

1-99 Speed functions. Setting 99 provides 1.95 G Forces from a 2cm movement.

Does PowerFit come with a warranty?

How many pre-set programmes are there?

There are 3 x pre-set programs to run through with 3 different standing positions to increase/decrease workout intensity.

I'm not very active, can I use sitting down?

Yes - it is ideal for use while sitting, encouraging circulation and lower limb relaxation

How is it powered?

It is powered with a wall cord connection. The remote is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

Can I view the manual online?