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Gymform Abs Around
Gymform Abs Around
Gymform Abs Around
Gymform Abs Around
Gymform Abs Around
Gymform Abs Around
Gymform Abs Around
Gymform Abs Around

Gymform Abs Around

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The Gymform Abs-A-Round is the ultimate Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) trainer that works your core all the way around. It effectively targets your entire core, your upper, middle, lower abs, your oblique’s & even your back. 

Don’t let expensive gym memberships get in the way of having great abs! We have completely smashed the price of the amazing Gymform Abs-A-Round!

  • The unique belt with 99 levels of intensity, 3 independent channels and 594 various sub-programs.
  • Electrostimulation belt up to 360°, ideal for training.
  • Ideal for toning upper and lower abs, obliques, back muscles and profound inner muscles.
  • Cordless! Finally a belt that can be used anywhere freely.
  • Also includes a manual in Italian and a diet program in order to achieve the best results.

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Don't Miss out!

Gymform Abs A Round- The Ultimate Total Core Workout


    6 Plateau-busting programs with 99 intensity levels

    Perfect for all fitness levels from beginners all the way to experienced athletes


    360º core workout 

    600 contractions per minute - thats a huge 10 contractions per second


    LCD Display console

    Interactive fast-track console that digitally displays the intensity level and muscle contraction type.


    With you Gymform Ads A Round you will receive:
    • Abs-A-Round Console with LCD Display
    • Abs-A-Round Belt
    • 6 Self-Adhesive Electrodes
    • Instruction Manual
    • Nutritional Guide
    • Goal Setting Fitness Chart
    • Travel Bag


    It's lightweight, compact, and portable. You can easily wear while relaxing, or at work. And you don't need to worry about sticky, uncomfortable gel pads. The silicone adhesive material sticks right on like a second skin.


     Gymform Abs A Round is available:

    • S/M: 65-99cm (25-38 inches)
    • L/XL: 100-140cm (39-55 inches)



 Free with Your Order - GymForm Mini 
Targets Arms, Calves, Thighs & More!


WATCH: How To Use


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Simultaneous effect on stomach, hips and back!

99 levels of intensity, 891 exercises, 3 channels, 9 programs!

3 new programs: fat burning, muscle formation!

Burns fat due to muscle contractions and brings your body in shape

The only muscle belt with 360° degree workout for the body

Complete full version with 3 additional programs 



 Free with Your Order - GymForm Mini 
Targets Arms, Calves, Thighs & More!


Real Results & Reviews

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Imagine losing inches as you watch TV, do household chores, check emails, play with your children etc. You can wear Abs-A-Round anytime and almost anywhere, so you can get an ab workout no matter what you are doing. 

Gymform Abs-A-Round utilises Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology to help you strengthen your core for great results…



  • Why should I avoid online imitations?

    Beware of cheap imitations claiming to be similar to Gymforms Abs A Round.

    Only Gymforms Abs A Round has developed a unique program with proven weight loss and body transformation benefits..

    Keep in mind that only the official Gymforms Abs A Round comes complete with a Full 30 Day Risk Free Trial and that many online offers ship from overseas, without any peace of mind guarantee or warranty.

  • What areas of the body does it target?

    Gymform Abs A round work your entire core, your upper, middle, lower, abs, obliques and your back.


    It's unique EMS circular technology helps improve your posture and eliminates back pain, contracting your core 360 degree up to 10 times per second.

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