Discover the power of Drug Free Pain Relief!

Pain is an uncomfortable fact of life, a part of the human condition. At best, pain alerts us to bodily trauma. This vital warning sign prompts action that may prevent severe or life-threatening injuries. It has been suggested that sensitivity to painful stimuli is an evolutionary response designed to avoid these very things. When pain lingers, it can seriously compromise quality of life. It is estimated that over 100 million adults in the US alone suffer from chronic pain, sometimes defined as “pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing.” The numbers experiencing transient acute pain surpass this figure exponentially, and this too must be managed. So what are the options for those who suffer?


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This book will explore the many fascinating alternatives to traditional medicine, providing a journey of discovery into drug-free methods of pain relief, from the ancient to the contemporary. For the sake of relevance, treatments and remedies examined are primarily evidence-based.