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IMPORTANT - In the event that you have a warranty issue with your product(s):

In the event that you wish to place a warranty claim you must first contact us at live.events@tvshop.com.au. Please note proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims in the form of an invoice, EFTPOS receipt or bank statement showing date and time of payment to us (bank statement will show ‘TV Shop’). We also may require images of the product(s) and you may be required to send the product(s) back to us for inspection.

Please choose carefully as we do not refund or exchange items where you have changed your mind:

Please note: We do not provide a trial period or any money-back conditions when purchasing with Live Events. Any promotions or offers provided by Live Events are exclusive to Live Events and not available through other Brand Developers channels. Live Events will not match promotions or pricing of any other Brand Developers channels.


  1. Contract, Payment and Delivery:

1.1    A contract for the sale and purchase of goods will only be formed with you if we, at our discretion, accept an order of goods from you. Acceptance will be in the way of you taking, or by delivery of the goods that you’ve ordered. We may, at our discretion, reject an order of goods (in which case we will refund any amounts paid by you in respect of those goods). You may not revoke an order for goods (unless we agree otherwise).

1.2    Unless we have agreed with you otherwise, goods will be taken by you or delivered to you after you have paid the purchase price in full. If we agree that payment will be made in the way of periodic instalments through an agreed payment plan, the goods can be taken or will be delivered after the agreed deposit of the purchase price has been paid. If we agree for you to take possession of the goods prior to receiving full payment of the purchase price, title of the goods will not pass to you until the purchase price has been paid in full.

1.3    For delivered goods, we will deliver to the address agreed upon when you placed your order at a time determined by us. Where goods are in stock, delivery can be expected between 3 and 10 working days unless otherwise stated by us at the time of your order being placed.

1.4    If we have agreed that your payment will be made by way of periodic instalments through a payment plan, then you must make the periodic payments as and when due. By completing the payment plan and paying a deposit, you agree to the payment plan and authorise Brand Developers to deduct the amount specified from your nominated credit card on or after the specified date.

1.5    If you know you cannot make a scheduled payment, you need to contact us at the earliest possible date.

1.6    If you fail to pay overdue payments, all current and future debt becomes due and payable. We reserve the right to send the full amount of all debt to a collection agency or list as a default with a credit reporting agency. You will be liable for any reasonable costs we incur in the collection of the debt.

  1. Warranty Terms & Conditions.   

2.1    Any warranty claim must be accompanied with a copy of the original invoice, invoice number or receipt for the goods. Failure to produce one of the aforementioned proof of purchase documents will result in your warranty claim being rejected. Live Events is unable to provide a reprint of an invoice or additional copies of the receipt.

2.2    All consumer goods come with a minimum Standard Warranty of 12 months. This Standard Warranty is a repair or replacement guarantee for defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and conditions. Standard Warranty is not valid where goods have been used commercially. Normal use and conditions include following all care and use instructions provided with the goods.

2.3    Warranty will be voided where the goods have been subject to misuse, abuse, tampering or failure to follow care and use instructions.

2.4    Live Events accepts no liability for personal injury or damage to property resulting from the use of our products in any manner other than by the instructions provided or where a damaged product continues to be used.

2.5    To place a warranty claim, please contact us on either 1800 611 684 or live.events@tvshop.com.au.

  1. 3. Damaged Goods

3.1    Risk of loss or damaged goods passes to you upon delivery. If the goods have been damaged while in your care for reasons not related to their state or condition when they came into your possession or upon delivery to you, we do not have to accept any liability in relation to the goods and will be under no obligation to replace the goods or refund any amount paid by you for the goods.

           4. Limitation Liability

4.1    Legislation such as the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 may apply to these Terms and Conditions, or warranties, or impose obligations, which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified and we will comply with such conditions, warranties or obligations.

4.2    All other conditions, warranties, representations, liabilities and obligations, whether implied or imposed by statute, including any conditions or warranties as to merchantability, fitness for purpose or correspondence with description are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

4.3    In the event that we breach our obligations referred to in clause 4.1, to the extent allowed by law, our liability is limited to any one or more of the following, at our election:                                 

(a) The replacement of the goods or supply of equivalent goods
(b) The repair of the goods

(c) The payment of the cost of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods, or

(d) The payment of the cost of having the goods repaired

4.4    Subject to the terms of any warranty statement that was included with the purchase of the goods, our total liability under these Terms and Conditions is, to the extent permitted by law, expressed in this damage, liability, expense or cost (whether direct or indirect) incurred by you or any other party resulting directly or indirectly out of the supply by us to you or out of any breach by us of these Terms and Conditions or out of our negligence. In no case should said liabilities exceed the purchase price

4.5    Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or modify any conditional warranty implied by law where to do so would render the Terms and Conditions void.

           5.  Jurisdiction

5.1    These Terms and Conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia

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