Kleva Clean gutter Cleaner" data-video-width="1280" data-video-height="720">
Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner
Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner
Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner
Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner
Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner
Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner

Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner

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Makes cleaning gutters a breeze - with an adjustable pole that reaches almost 2 metres - great for hard to reach places such as canopies, caravans, sheds or garage roofs.

Blasts away all that debris in your gutters, quickly and easily.

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Vital Home Maintenance  

Gutter cleaning is essential in maintaining your home but it's probably at the bottom of your list of things to do.

Fortunately with the Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner it's easier, faster & safer than ever to clean your gutters!




In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Connect Kleva Clean to your garden hose.

Step 2: Extend the easy-reach pole & insert into gutter

Step 3: Turn on Kleva Clean’s pressure tap and let KlevaClean clean!

The World's Best Telescopic Gutter Cleaner


    Lightweight Premium Grade Aluminium Construction  Features a 175cm reach when extended (5.7 feet)
    High Velocity Jet Spray Nozzle  Allowing water to spray hard to reach areas.
    Hooked Rod To easily reach & clean into the gutter 
    Rotates At An Incredible 180 Degrees Delivers an intense jet of water for maximum cleaning
    Universal Fitting Strong lock-click fitting onto any garden hose

    1x Kleva Clean Telescopic Gutter Cleaners
    1x Kleva Gloves
    1x Kleva Shears

    Product Dimensions: 106 x 16cm closed and 175 x 16cm extended
    Product Weight: 2kg

Easy As 1, 2, 3

  • 1. Connect Your Garden Hose

  • 2. Extend Easy Reach Pole

  • 3. Turn On Pressure Tap




  • Water damage to your home

  • Rusted gutters

  • Nesting areas for termites, birds & mosquitoes 

  • Fire hazards during hot summers


  • Chris

    "The Gutter Cleaner is so easy to use. I just clipped it on to my hose, extended the pole and I was away. My gutters have never looked better!"

  • Kate

    "I've got some really high gutters and this is great - I don't have to use my ladder anymore and can still reach them. I love it!"

  • Elliot

    "It was always such a hassle to clean the gutters - not anymore with the Gutter Cleaner, it just takes me minutes!"


  • What does the Gutter Cleaner prevent?

    • Water damage to your home
    • Nesting areas for termites, birds, mosquitoes and other insects.
    • Destruction of expensive landscaping
    • Fire hazards during Australia’s HOT summers
    • Rusted gutters
    • Undervalue of your home
  • Why should I buy a Gutter Cleaner?

    • Safe Stay on the ground while cleaning your gutters.
    • Powerful Delivers intense jet of water for maximum cleaning.
    • Sturdy Strong lock-click fitting onto any hose.
    • Special Designed Nozzle Allowing water to spray hard to reach areas.
  • Can I use the Gutter Cleaner for more than just cleaning gutters?

    Sure! You can clean your car, camper, patio screen, windows anything else you can think of to clean with a powerful jet spray of water.

  • My gutters are narrow. Can I still use the Gutter Cleaner?

    Yes! Because the spray nozzle is only approximately 3cm wide, it can fit into very narrow gutters.

  • Is the Gutter Cleaner built to last?

    Yes absolutely! The telescopic handle is made from quality, robust aluminium. Plus the Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner's connection to your garden hose is made from solid brass.