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  • Fish Seeker is considered an ocean-going vessel & you will be required to put your name and contact details on your Fish Seeker before you use it. We recommend you to attach a tag on the unit with your details.
  • Please check local fishing regulations at before using the Fish Seeker.
  • We recommend listing your Fish Seeker among belongings within your Contents Insurance, in case anything happens to it while at sea.


Q. How many hooks are there in the trace-set?

A. There are 5 hooks spaced a metre apart, each with a 40cm trace that is attached to the main Trace line on a swivel.

Q. How long is the Trace main line?

A. 6 metres

Q. What type of battery does it use?

A. A unique lithium iron rechargeable battery designed to fit the Fish Seeker and available only from TVShop.

Q. What are the battery specs?

A. 10.8 Volt DC, 6.6 Amp/hour, 71Wh. Takes approx. 3.5 hours to charge using supplied charger.

Q. What is the range of the Fish Seeker?

A. Approx. 1000 metres in calm conditions

Q. What is the range of the Fish Seeker app?

A. Approx. 10 metres - it connects by Bluetooth

Fishing Regulation

Here are a few things to be aware of.

  • The maximum number of traces allowed on a long line in New Zealand is 25. The Fish Harvester Trace Rack holds 32, so 7 should be treated as spares only.
  • In some parts of New Zealand, long line fishing is further restricted or even prohibited, and fishing limits also vary - so you must be aware of all specific local regulations when you plan your expedition.

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