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Brand New!- Aeropilates® XP Elite 5 Cord Reformer
Brand New!- Aeropilates® XP Elite 5 Cord Reformer
Brand New!- Aeropilates® XP Elite 5 Cord Reformer

Brand New!- Aeropilates® XP Elite 5 Cord Reformer


The Brand New Aeropilates XP Elite 5 Cord Reformer is a body sculpting and conditioning programme, helping you burn more calories faster - all on a single low impact 2in1 Reformer. Improve your cardiovascular health and increase core strength & flexibility - suitable for all fitness levels. Complete with introductory work-out DVDs with 5 programmes!


Aeropilates XP Elite 5 Cord Reformer  - Burn More Calories In Less Time


    Increase Core Strength & Flexibility This provides protection from injury and also makes day-to-day life much easier
    Burn More Calories In Less Time Than using a treadmill or elliptical. You will achieve your goal faster!
    Low Impact Workout Prevents injuries to joints and makes it safe for rehabilitation exercises or those new to exercise
    Improve Cardiovascular Health The patented Cardio Rebounder reaches and maintains target heart rate as effectively as with a treadmill. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australasia and a healthy heart along with healthy eating is the best form of prevention.
    Compact Storage You can put it where it is most convenient to use rather than where you can find space to store it.

    1 x Aeropilates Reformer Plus

    2 x Workout DVD with 5 Programmes

    1 x Owner's Manual

    1 x Healthy Eating Guide E-book 


    1 x Wall Chart

    1 x Rebounder Mat 


    Product Dimensions: 220 cm L x 44.5 cm W
    Max Weight Permitted: 160kg
    Warranty: 3 Years

Total body transformation  

Average endurance increased by 25%

Average aerobic endurance increased by 17%

Average body fat was reduced by 15%

Average flexibility in the lower back increased by 22%

Average core strength, measured doing abdominal crunches, increased by 30% 

*Results based on a study conducted by Neil Wolkodoff, Ph.D., sport scientist. A healthy balanced diet and regular exercise are required to lose and maintain weight. 

Burn more calories in less time 

 AeroPilates® Heartbeats Per Minute (BPM) Exercise Comparison


Exercise mode

Heartbeats per minute (bpm)
after working out for seven minutes


156 bpm


141 bpm


139 bpm



  • Does AeroPilates come with a warranty?

    AeroPilates is covered by a 3 Year Product Warranty.

  • What is the primary focus of AeroPilates?

    To develop the body and mind uniformly in a functional way to equip you for everyday events. It concentrates on the core to develop co-ordinated strength and flexibility and agility in movement. The Cardio Rebounder also enhances cardiac health while still focusing on core strength.

  • Can a person lose weight by doing AeroPilates?

    In conjunction with an appropriate diet, AeroPilates promotes a lean and graceful appearance with managed weightloss. If you use the Cardio Rebounder you will also be incorporating one of the most wonderful cardio workouts you may ever have experienced.

  • Is AeroPilates a cardiovascular workout?

    Once you are skilled in the exercises and move through them fluidly, your heart rate will increase providing you with an aerobic workout. If you have a machine which is suitable for using with the Cardio Rebounder then the most wonderful cardio workout awaits you.

  • Do I develop large muscles with AeroPilates?

    No. Long, lean, defined muscles are developed.

  • How many hours a week do I need to spend on AeroPilates?

    The recommendation is 20 minutes per day, three times a week.

  • I have an ongoing back condition. What should I do?

    A large number of people use AeroPilates to improve their back problems with excellent results, as strengthening the core, changing muscle length, rebalancing and relaxing the body, and changing body posture can all have a contributory, positive effect. However, it is important to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program to correct back problems.

  • What about pregnancy and AeroPilates?

    AeroPilates is the perfect regimen to prepare your body for pregnancy and to remain flexible and strong while you are carrying. If you are not already training prior to conception it is not recommended that you begin after you become pregnant. However, AeroPilates is ideally suited for post-natal recovery regardless of prior experience.