Arctic Air Freedom
Arctic Air Freedom

Arctic Air Freedom

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Some days are so hot you feel like you’re going to melt, and no matter what you do, you just can’t cool yourself. Having to hold a tiny little fan is such a joke! And hosing yourself off just leaves you soaked…

Introducing the Arctic Air Freedom, the amazing cordless air cooler. It’s like having a portable air conditioner wherever you go!

The secret is advanced Comfort-Chill technology, that draws in hot air and instantly transforms it and purifies it into a cool refreshing breeze. And you can even Customize your cool with three fan speeds

Arctic Air Freedom is so lightweight and comfortable, you hardly know it’s there. Yet it’s so powerful you can feel that cool refreshing air everywhere! Even on a scorching hot beach, cool air is always within reach. And because its hands-free, you have the Freedom to stay cool and do whatever you want to!

No matter how hot it gets, just turn it on, put it on, and the heat is gone!