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Relieve your back pain fast! Safe. Easy. All natural.

Are you like the millions of others around the world who suffer from back pain? Perhaps its from an injury, or sitting too much at work or in the car – that’s a major cause of back pain, poor posture, reduced circulation and fatigue. Whatever your cause of back pain, you just want it to stop! Pain pills just hide the problem and surgery is scary, not to mention expensive!

Finally there’s a solution for back pain that’s turning the world upside down!  Introducing the Backlounge, a breakthrough 2 in 1 inversion machine and all natural way to get relief from back and neck pain while at the same time strengthening your core.

Forget about those scary inversion machines that turn you all the way upside down, Backlounge is safe and gentle to use because you start from a comfortable horizontal position.

2 in 1 Solution! Relieve Back Pain & Strenghten Your Core

  • Forget! Forget sit ups on the floor that strain your neck and back!
  • You slowly push back to experience inversion therapy and get relief from your back pain.
  • It gets better! The Backlounge also features massage rollers—for your lower back and upper back.
  • Assembles in seconds! The Backlounge assembles in seconds; just a few simple steps and you are ready to go.



Safe to use

You control the angle of inversion and you are never completely upside down.


Abs and core muscles are perfectly targeted.

Work you legs arms and upper body as well.

   Adjustable leg rollers

Adjustable leg rollers give you a variety of positions. Perfect for all levels.


Soothing rollers massage

For your back and relieve lower back tension.


Sturdy design

Holds up to 550 pounds.


Ready to use in seconds!

Folds and stores anywhere.