Gourmet Saucepan Range
Gourmet Saucepan Range
Gourmet Saucepan Range
Gourmet Saucepan Range
Gourmet Saucepan Range
Gourmet Saucepan Range

Gourmet Saucepan Range

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The fundamental item in your kitchen is the saucepan and the Taste the Difference Gourmet saucepan ticks all the boxes and more.

Not only can you cook all your sauces, boil all your vegetables or make the perfect rice & noodles, but the non-stick technology means you can even fry in your Taste the Difference Gourmet saucepan.

Topped off with the quality glass cover this multi-tasking saucepan will become your favourite piece of kitchen cookware

Healthier, Faster Cooking


    No fats or oil needed so you can cook & eat healthier
    Long Lasting super non-stick performance - PFOA Free
    Compatible with steel utensils
    Dishwasher Safe Accessories
    Commercial Grade cookware for the home cook
    Unbeatable abrasion & scratch resistance
    Advanced Polymer Technology
    Works on any stove top

    1x Sauce Pan
    1 x Glass Lid
  • About Taste The Difference Gourmet


    Finally there’s a cookware range for the home cook that allows you to cook with all the confidence of a commercial chef. Introducing Taste the Difference Gourmet Cookware.


    Gourmet’s unique cooking surface offers an unbeatable non-stick performance so you can cook without fats or oils and make healthier meals for your whole family and when you’re done the food slides right out. Not only that, Advanced Polymer Technology means that these pans are tougher and last longer!


    The combination of the commercial grade coating with the impact bonded aluminum base means you get even heat distribution with no hotspots for even better cooking efficiency, plus clean-up is fast and easy every time. Unlike standard non-stick pans, metal utensils and high cooking temperatures are no trouble for the Taste the Difference Gourmet pan, it really is the number one choice for all your cookware needs

Tough and Long-lasting Cookware

The Advanced Polymer Technology provides the superior cooking and durability properties to the Taste the Difference range, plus they are PFOA Free!

•  Hardened base coat featuring specially selected and blended resins

•  Reinforced mid-coat to provide even more durability and strength

•  Ultra release topcoat with specific polymers and rough finish give the unrivalled nonstick properties


OFOA Free.png

any oven top


Works On Any Stove Top


  • Infrared
  • Induction
  • Ceramic
  • Oven
  • Gas
  • Electric