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LED Disco Ball

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LED Disco Ball will transform any room with an amazing, instant disco light to get your party started!

The specially designed rotating prism splits LED lights into swirling, gliding and spinning dots of colour that fill your room with dazzling patterns! There are two types of the light socket - Screw and Bayonet. It's easy to install and it can last up to 2000 hours! Make your room dazzling!


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LED Disco Ball– the light & soul of every party!

Exclusive Online Only Offer - Buy 1 Get 1

LED Disco Ball: Rotating Multi-Colour Party Light


    1x LED Disco Ball

    Height 165 mm
    Width 100 mm
    Length 100 mm
    Weight 0.17 Kg

Features & Benifits

Dazzling 3 colour LED lighting

Continually rotates 360°

Fits into a standard light fitting (bayonet fitting)

Easy to install

Lasts up to 2000 hours

Low power consumption – only 3.8 watts 























LED Disco Ball’s multi-colour display will transform any room to give you an ideal party atmosphere!


Simply plug in to almost any light socket at home. Switch on, and watch your party come to life!