Long Hot Water Bottle

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Long Hot Water Bottle

Introducing the Long Hot Water Bottle! There's absolutely nothing like it for comfort and relaxation and of course to soothe a tired aching body. The secret is in the long flexible shape and luxurious velour covers so you get instant heat to warm up your whole body! No need to turn up the household heating anymore! You can target areas that are causing problems - wrap around the feet to warm them up and increase circulations or around aching knees.

Long Hot Water Bottle is super simple to use and bring you cost-effective pain relief. It helps with back pain, neck pain, knee pain, tense muscles, menstrual cramps, etc. Unlike those other traditional hot water bottles, its luxurious covers lock the warmth and its shape allows you to cover & wrap specific body areas.  Moreover, it has handy cords and cozy pockets for your hands!

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