Nicer Dicer Knife
Nicer Dicer Knife

Nicer Dicer Knife

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Are you one of the millions of people who have spent a small fortune on drawers full of knives you don’t need and never use? Tired of the expense, risk and danger of trying to sharpen old dull knives by hand? Now imagine if you could have one incredible, professional, universal kitchen knife from the brand name trusted by over 35 million people around the world… now you can!

Introducing the Nicer Dicer Knife from Genius, the amazing universal kitcehn knife with the slicing precision of the world famous Nicer Dicer and the durability of high end commercial kitchen quality knives used by executive chefs. With just one slice you’ll find that the Nicer Dicer Knife will make all your old knives meaningless.

The professional quality starts with the heat forged stainless steel blade thats German engineered, patented serrated edge that is laser honed to be razor sharp. The handle is ergonomically crafted for a contoured, customer fit that is perfectly balanced with the blade so its easy to hold and even easier to use.


    1.    Total sharpness, premium quality, first-rate cutting results

    2.    Made of one piece of stainless high-grade steel

    3.    Special hand ground precision blade with extra sharp serrated blade


    1 x Nicer Dicer Knife Large

    1 x Knife blade protector



    -Steel, plastic