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Posture Doctor - Buy One Get One Free
Posture Doctor - Buy One Get One Free
Posture Doctor - Buy One Get One Free

Posture Doctor - Buy One Get One Free

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Are you constantly hunching and slouching from poor posture? Stress and strain can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. Introducing, Posture Doctor the quick and easy posture corrector! Posture Doctor straightens your back to help ensure proper alignment and stability! Simply slip on Posture Doctor and adjust the straps for a perfect fit. It gently pulls back your shoulders to provide soothing relief for your neck and back. Wear for 20-30 minutes a day to train your body for perfect posture.

Posture Doctor easily adjusts to fit all body types. Its lightweight and breathable, so you stay cool and dry all day. Best of all, Posture Doctor has copper infused fibres to help reduce odours. There’s nothing like it! Posture Doctor is invisible under clothing and provides all day comfort. Wear Posture Doctor at home, work, the gym, while driving and more! Look better, feel better and live better with Posture Doctor!


    1. Helps relieve neck, back and shoulder strain

    2. Assists to align your shoulders, neck, back and spine

    3. Fully adjustable straps - gently pulls back shoulders


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